Natalie's query letter to her publisher

Dear team at Literary Crush Publishing,


I loved your website and connected instantly with your feels and swoons. As an irredeemable romantic, I want nothing more than to make a career writing epic love stories! 


I’ve just started seeking publication for my first novel, Upon A Time, a romantic adventure story of 83,000 words. The manuscript has been assessed by award-winning YA author C.J. Flood, who has described it as “a very enjoyable, fast-paced read with a lot of commercial potential”, with “writing of a very high standard”.


I’m not sure if mild fantasy is your bag, but here goes: Nick Tudor isn’t just from a different city; he’s from a different century. He’s also a reigning Tudor king, practically engaged, and destined to become one of history’s most infamous tyrants. All excellent reasons why eighteen-year-old Emmie Grace from modern-day Massachusetts shouldn’t fall crazy in love with him or try to save him from his dreadful fate. So what happens when Nick captures Emmie’s heart irreversibly—not just to her, but to the entire world?


Upon A Time will appeal to YA and older readers who seek time-slip, fantasy, and/or historical elements, as well as stories of powerful and problematic first love. I have revisited the dramatic Tudor period with a contemporary approach; younger and more innocent than Outlander, and lighter and more relatable to YA readers than the work of Philippa Gregory or Katherine Longshore. Readers of books by Kiera Cass, Kerstin Gier and Maggie Stiefvater will find similar elements in my work. 


Following professional advice, I am working hard to build my author platform via the web (, Facebook (@nataliemurrayauthor), Instagram (@nataliemurrayauthor) and Twitter (@natmurrayauthor).


Below, I have included the synopsis and first 50 pages for your consideration. Thank you very much for your generous time and thought!


Best wishes,
Natalie Murray