Purchase the 18-page secret, spicy, extended love scene from EMMIE AND THE TUDOR THRONE.pn

For those who want a bit more spice from the Hearts & Crowns series

Emmie and the Tudor King was first published by a sweet romance publisher, which is why this series is mostly a closed-door romance (although there is some peeking in book 3).

I personally much prefer reading romance with the door open, because frankly sex is a key part of what separates romance from friendship. It’s an essential part of the intimacy of a romantic relationship, which is what romance books are all about.

So, to give myself some relief (and readers who wanted more spice from this series), I wrote an 18-page secret, extended love scene that has ALL THE HEAT.

If you have any interest in knowing what Nick Tudor is like in bed, this is your chance to find out. 👀

Originally a pre-order gift, and now availlable for purchase for US$1.99 as bonus material, this scene is designed to slot in to Emmie and the Tudor Throne (Hearts & Crowns #3) from page 230.