Natalie Murray has been writing to make people smile ever since her short story 'A Dog Story with a Happy Ending' won first prize in a writing competition when she was eight (she didn’t quite understand titles and spoilers then!).


Now slightly *cough* older, Natalie is irreversibly committed to writing romance novels with all the tension, heart flutters, and 'it hurts so good' angst. Also a self-confessed Tudorphile, Natalie is the award-winning author of Emmie and the Tudor King (2021), Emmie and the Tudor Queen (2021), Emmie and the Tudor Throne (2022), and the Emmie and the Tudor King New Adult Special Edition Omnibus (2022) from Midnight Tide Publishing.

Natalie grew up in the urban dreamland of Sydney, Australia, and lived in Hong Kong for ten years before moving back to Oz. She’s worked as a television entertainment reporter, corporate copywriter, Bollywood movie dancer, dementia care worker, and about a thousand other things, but Natalie knows what she loves doing most of all: looking after her family and writing romance fiction.


When she’s not writing books, you can find Natalie clinging to her family (literally; she’s super affectionate), packing or unpacking a suitcase, making lists of things she'll never have time for because she's too busy making lists, or playing on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.